Quakers Q&A With.... Juliana Evans-Anfom of the Women's Soccer Team

Juliana Evans-Anfom '19 (Leslie Malikowski photo)
Juliana Evans-Anfom '19 (Leslie Malikowski photo)

AD: What was the biggest difference between this year's team and those of your two previous years? 

JEA: I think the team dynamic and the fact that we have a new coach and her dynamic. We played more as a team this year and played as one unit, rather than a bunch of individual pieces.


AD: Without set captains, how are the team's leadership roles determined?

JEA: Anyone can be a leader. We have a model that is step up on your own and lead both on and off the field.


AD: Last year you received the English Athletic Leadership Award, the school's highest athletics honor. What does that mean to you? 

JEA: I'm just glad to be recognized. It feels good. I don't try to win awards. I just want to go out and achieve the goals we set as a team.


AD: How do you balance being a student-athlete, excelling in the classroom and participating in so many clubs and events on campus? 

JEA: The key for me is time management, and I had practice doing that in high school. I also fill out schedules and I'm always aware of when I have time to fit things in. I'm forgetful, so writing things down helps me.


AD: What's your favorite part of being a student-athlete at Guilford? 

JEA: My favorite enough part is that I'm privileged enough to play the sport I love and get an education. I'm able to be doing the two things I love, and it's all about finding the right balance so that I can be successful in both.


AD: Who are some of the biggest influences in your soccer career?

JEA: My parents. I've played since I was young, and I played travel soccer in different states and they drove me to these games. I'm just thankful that they have allowed me to play on the collegiate level.

- Alex De Lia '18