QUAKERS Q&A WITH.... Levi Bruff of the Tennis Team

Levi Bruff '17
Levi Bruff '17

AD: You play both singles and doubles. Which one do you prefer to play and why?

LB: I prefer doubles because I like having a teammate. We can feed off of each other, and if one of us get down or is having a bad game, we help each other get back. It also has a faster pace and it involves more strategy.

AD: Overall how has your time at Guilford been?

LB:  As a student, I have really valued the relationship I have with professors, including mentors like David Hildreth. They are very valuable to have in my life. As an athlete, statistics and awards are great, but my goal as a student-athlete is to glorify God, and hope to use the abilities that He gave me as an athlete.

AD: When most people think of tennis, they usually think of an individual sport. How do you create and experience a team dynamic in college tennis?

LB: Definitely in doubles you have someone right next to you and is your partner in crime. You are playing together and working towards the same goal, but in singles it is important to support each other on and off the court. The players who are not playing at that time watch the games. They will yell, "Let's go, Guilford!" after points, as well as give support and offer up strategy to their teammates.

AD: What do you do in your role as a captain?

LB: Certainly the job is two-fold. First, you have to attend Student-Athlete Advisory Committee meetings and represent the team. Secondly and more importantly, (you) serve as leader on and off the court. You represent what every player needs to be, whether it's in practice or in matches, or walking around campus. You're expected to be an exemplary example of what a student-athlete should be.

AD: How does this year's team compare with the other three on which you've played?

LB: This team is the most talented team top to bottom in my four years, but we are also younger than in years past. In the past we have had great number-one players and other guys on the team who were strong tennis players and leaders. This year's team has more talent, but needs to find a way to put that talent into action on the court.

AD: Who's your favorite professional tennis player, and why?

LB: My favorite professional tennis player is Rodger Federer because he is a true professional, and always plays with a high level of class and respect. He is an athlete who everyone can look up to, whether you like tennis or not. On top of that, he is the greatest to ever play the game.

AD: You're headed to school after graduation, but not as a student. Elementary school teaching is not for the faint of heart. What has drawn you into the classroom?

LB: Several situations I have faced while being in the schools have showed me that for six hours a day you can be a positive impact on a child's life and education. I believe God gave me the ability and put me on this earth so that I can impact children's lives. On top of that, my mom has been the largest influence on me. She has been a first-grade teacher for 28 years and I only hope that I can love, support, and guide children in their education the way she has her whole career.


- Alex DeLia '18