Quakers' Q&A With...... Harrison Frye of the Golf Team

Quakers' Q&A With...... Harrison Frye of the Golf Team

AD: The team has won its first two tournaments of the semester, how does it feel to be a part of that?

HF: It's pretty special. There is a sense on the team that this could be a pretty special year. This is the most talented team we've had in a while, and it's just exciting to be a part of it.

AD: Golf is known as an individual sport, but how does it feel to be part of it as a team sport?

HF: Playing golf has been an individual sport my whole life, but it makes me feel special to be on a team and playing as a team.

AD: Does the fact that you're playing for a team score affect the way you play on the course?

HF: Yes, absolutely. It's been stressed to me by coach (Justin Tereshko) that you have to play and think as a team. The decisions that I make go into the decision of if whether it's good for the team and what not. How I play goes into the team needs and what will benefit the team the most.

AD: You had a summer internship in D.C. What was that like?

HF: I was working for an organization with the Department of Commerce. It helps brings foreign direct investment to the US. It was truly an incredible experience. I helped put on events to raise money. I met many high-level secretaries and CEOs of companies.

AD: How often were you able to play golf this summer?

HF: I only played a couple times this summer, so there was a bit of a drop-off when I got back, but it helped me clear my head and made me love the game. Being away helped me enjoy the national championship run and feeding off that success and looking to enjoy playing golf this year.

AD: What are your plans for after Guilford?

HF: I've thought about them, but haven't put them in place. I don't really want to put the ideas out there just yet. I am just trying to enjoy my senior year and my golf season.


- Alex De Lia '18