Quakers Football Goes 'Mobile' and On-Demand with Teamline Direct

KENT, OH (9/11/06) -- The Guilford Quakers are calling out to their vast Wireless audience, streaming on-demand audio content to listeners worldwide via cell phone on the new Teamline Direct.

Subscribers of Teamline Direct will be able to listen to live games via phone, regardless of their location. Never before has Quakers audio been so portable and easy to access. The service will be offered nationally to the ever-expanding, on-the-go crowd.

"The interactive service is $5.00 per game, of which Guilford gets a 'big chunk'. Charges will be applied to subscribers' credit cards before they access the content." TRZ's Director of Team Relations Michael Wilt adds, "By connecting listeners to their favorite team's games via cell phone, and adding TRZ's interactive features, Guilford has found an additional platform to deliver on-demand entertainment to, and drive listening among its active, on-the-go audiences across the country."

Wilt says some 60 other collegiate teams are already members of Teamline Direct, and others are expected to be added to the service by year¹s end and upward of 200 additional teams will be offered within the next 12 months. He says TRZ is also negotiating with rights aggregators to expand the service to their member teams.

For more details or to sign up, go to http://www.teamline.cc/teampage?teamcode=4173 or Call: 216-502-3200 and Enter: 4173 when prompted.

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