Guilford Lacrosse Teams Break Fundraising Goals in Autism Run

Guilford College's men's and women's lacrosse teams combined to raise nearly $8,000 at the 2017 Greensboro Autism Run/Walk.
Guilford College's men's and women's lacrosse teams combined to raise nearly $8,000 at the 2017 Greensboro Autism Run/Walk.

Guilford College's men's and women's lacrosse team participated in the 2017 Greensboro Run/Walk for Autism on September 30. The teams raised a combined total of $7,657 for the Autism Society of North Carolina (ASNC). The 2017 Greensboro Run/Walk for Autism raised a total of $52,653 for the ASNC.

"Doing community service as a team allows us to help the community on a larger scale. We would not make as much as an impact if I were to do this alone," said women's lacrosse junior Amber Dubois. "We had so many family members and friends that were able to help us double our fundraising goal.  When we showed up to the race we had families thanking us for being there and supporting them. It was an awesome feeling knowing we helped a lot of people."

This was the second year the men's team has participated in the event. Last year, it raised $3,875 and set a goal of $5,000 dollars for 2017.

"I truly set the $5,000 goal because I didn't believe we would reach it," said assistant men's lacrosse coach Mark Crisco. "The fact that we reached that $5,000 mark was fantastic."  

The men's team raised $5,632, more than any other fundraising group at the event.  The women's team set a $1,000 fundraising goal and quickly surpassed it. The Quakers' women collected $2,050, the third-highest total for a group.

The run/walk was more than a simple fundraising activity for interim women's lacrosse head coach Charlotte Dixon.

"Personally, it's a subject that is dear to my heart," she said. "I have a nephew that is autistic. Organizations like the Autism Society do great things for families who have children who are autistic."

In addition to running, the event allowed students the opportunity to meet some beneficiaries of their fundraising efforts.

"I liked that they participated in the race so they could go to the place and see some of the people that this money goes towards, as opposed to just sending it off somewhere," said men's lacrosse head coach Tom Carmean.

"Meeting a person or family that is affected by autism has a huge effect on you," said Dubois. "Not everyone understands how many different spectrums there are and every person with autism is unique and awesome in their own way."

In the competitive five-kilometer race, men's lacrosse student-athlete Rufus Terry finished in first place and many other team members also received medals in their age groups. Carmean had the best time among runners in his age group.

The women's team also did a great job in the competitive race as Kelly Martin and Amber Dubois both finished in the top-three of their age group.  

The lacrosse teams look forward to additional community service during the school year.

"One of the things we love to do is make sure the people in the community see us around, not just on campus, but out in neighborhoods, around Greensboro," Dixon said. "We want them to see Guilford College women's lacrosse and see that we are giving back not just here in our tight-knit community of campus, but all around the community."

- Andrew Walker '19