What were some key reasons you decided to attend Guilford?

When I first stepped on campus, I immediately got that inexplicable feeling that Guilford was a great place to be. I loved the importance of community service and the friendliness of every person I encountered. I also knew I would have several opportunities that would help me grow as a student, athlete, and overall person.

What were some factors that helped you realize the success you enjoyed as a student at Guilford?

The relationships I developed with my professors definitely contributed greatly to my success. I had several professors (especially in the psychology department) who truly cared about my academic development. This support was so vital and pushed me to work hard every year.

What were some factors that helped you realize the success you enjoyed as an athlete at Guilford?

As an athlete, we all are inherently competitive. The competitive spirit of my teammates and coaches definitely pushed me to work to become a better athlete. My coach especially helped me to develop mentally and physically by focusing not only on what I did on the field, but also what I did off the field. Creating that balance between being a student and an athlete, and understanding the importance of excelling at both, definitely helped my drive and focus to compete at the highest level possible. 

What have you been up to since you left Guilford?

I am currently in my second year at Howard University, where I am in the Clinical Psychology PhD program. During my first year at Howard, I was the assistant coach for the NCAA Division I Lady Bison lacrosse team. This year, I am serving as an assistant women’s lacrosse coach for Catholic University. 

How has Guilford prepared you for where you are today?

Guilford provided me with key opportunities to help me figure out the next steps to take. My professors, as well as the Career Development Center, really helped me navigate the graduate school world. With this assistance, I moved in the right direction for my future. 

What about your experience as a Guilford student-athlete has helped you the most?

As a student-athlete, the mentality of always striving for the best has been most beneficial. At Guilford, I learned several life lessons as a student-athlete that structured my attitude towards life. We always had individual and team goals, which demonstrated the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals. 

What do you miss most about Guilford?

I miss the feeling of being part of such a close-knit community and being in the same area as all of my friends! 

What are your future plans?

In the future, I hope to become a child therapist. I also would like to continue researching factors associated with social and academic skills in children who experience traumatic events. 

What is one thing a high school student-athlete considering college needs to know?

You should enter an environment where you are able to explore other interests outside of athletics. This will be really important in helping you develop throughout your college career and beyond.   

Identify and describe one or two of your favorite moments or experiences while at Guilford.

It is so hard to pick only one or two! However, my favorite overall experience was definitely being a member of the lacrosse team. From my freshman year to my senior year, we improved exponentially as a team and I am so glad to have been a part of it. My teammates were all amazing and we built a great bond as friends. Being a student-athlete at Guilford was an invaluable experience for which I will forever be thankful.

- E'leyna Garcia '14