What were some key reasons you decided to attend Guilford?

I was in search of a school that would challenge me personally, academically and athletically. When I visited the campus and spoke to head baseball coach Nick Black and business administration professor Betty Kane and I knew immediately Guilford would check those boxes. I was also blown away by the incredible support of the admissions staff at Guilford, who I can't thank enough for making my transition to Guilford as easy as possible.

What were some factors that helped you realize the success you enjoyed as a student at Guilford?

First and foremost is the world-class business administration faculty and staff. Betty Kane, Darryl Samsell and company do an amazing job connecting with and guiding students along their academic journeys. There was never a moment I felt left on an island or in the dark about their expectations. Secondly is the learning environment you're put into while on campus. Professors, classmates and the incredible academic support teams around campus are always willing to collaborate and help you truly understand the material. Guilford College wants you to succeed academically and puts its best foot forward in all regards.

What were some factors that helped you realize the success you enjoyed as an athlete at Guilford?

I think for me it was the comradery, both in the locker room and across the athletic department. At Guilford, it was very much about winning for one another and trusting the people around you to help the team find success. I had the privilege of playing baseball alongside an amazing group of guys with great coaches at the helm and I can't thank them enough for letting me a part of those teams. I also had a great connection with a lot of people on other teams across the athletic department that will be lifelong friends. Leaning on those guys was also big in my ability to play my best baseball.

            I really can't say enough about Guilford Athletics, from the operations and training staffs that make sure we're taken care of every day, to the sports information folks who make sure our stories get told. Everyone plays a major role in the success of Guilford's student-athletes and I'm thankful for each and every one of those people. 

What have you been up to since you left Guilford?

After graduation, I joined executive recruiting firm Charles Aris, located in downtown Greensboro. I currently serve as a marketing coordinator at the firm, where we help client organizations find and attract the world's top executive talent to join their teams. 

How has Guilford prepared you for where you are today?

Guilford played a major role in helping me get a jumpstart on my career. I interned at Charles Aris for the duration of my senior year thanks to several connections Guilford's business administration department had with the firm. Guilford forces students to develop proficiency in both written and verbal skills, which I utilize in my career every day. To be successful in any career you must be flexible and versatile, and Guilford is a great setting in which to develop those traits. 

What about your experience as a Guilford student-athlete has helped you the most?

Whether on the field or in the classroom, you'll work in a team setting at Guilford. That's very much how the working world is designed, so finding comfort in a group setting is critical. Guilford pushed me to become a better leader and communicator in a team setting, which has helped immensely.

What do you miss most about Guilford?

I miss being in close proximity to everyone that made up the Guilford community. Whether it was my girlfriend, teammates, friends from other teams or classes, having everyone within walking distance was a blast. Whether it was a random game on campus, a 10 p.m. Grill run or an early morning workout, someone was always around and available to hang out. 

What are your future plans?

I'm excited to continue being a member of the Guilford community and the city of Greensboro. I hope to continue putting my Guilford education to good use and plan to pursue an MBA in the not-too-distant future. I am also looking forward to taking the next step in my relationship and may even tie the knot in the coming year or two! 

What is one thing a high school student-athlete considering college needs to know?

Something I wish I had learned earlier is two things truly matter as a student-athlete - being a good person and winning. As a student-athlete, you'll have the ability to do a lot of good on campus and in your community. Remember that someone is always watching, and how you spend your free time and treat other people will go a very long way. Secondly, be someone who contributes to wins; however, that contribution can be made. No one is going to remember your stat line one year down the road, much less 10, but they will remember if you were a part of a winning program. Whether you're the star of the team or the last person on the bench, give 100 percent to whatever your role is, because people remember winners, not numbers.


- Joe Metts '17