What were some key reasons you decided to attend Guilford?

One of the main reasons I chose Guilford was how nice and caring the coaching staff was. From the very first interaction, the coaches made me feel like a part of a family. I also had three of my best friends from back home in Raleigh already committed to play lacrosse at Guilford, so that made the decision a little easier.


What were some factors that helped you realize the success you enjoyed as a student at Guilford?

Everyone at Guilford is there to help you and push you to be the best person you can be. Whether you need help in the classroom, on the field, outside of the classroom, or in your personal life, everybody at Guilford is always there to help. All my coaches, teammates, and professors are quality people and would always go the extra mile to help me with anything.


What have you been up to since you left Guilford?

Since Guilford, I have been running a social media marketing agency, working with clients all around the world. I work with professional athletes, music artists, business owners, and anyone that needs help with their social media. On top of that, I also own a real estate business that I recently started and I’m buying properties all over the U.S.

 How has Guilford prepared you for where you are today?

My coaches, teammates, and professors taught me many life lessons that will help me throughout my life. Specifically, Guilford helped me to prioritize tasks. With an extremely busy schedule, it was important to find the time for the things that mattered most. Entrepreneurs are the absolute worst when it comes to having balance in their lives. I know because I am one. We get so busy taking care of everyone and everything around us that we forget about ourselves entirely. Guilford helped me to better balance my personal life with my professional life.

What about your experience as a Guilford student-athlete has helped you the most?

It has helped me understand other people’s perspectives. There’s great value in recognizing different perspectives in conversations and life in general. Guilford helped me understand a situation from the point of view of another person. This skill has helped me to go out and land more clients in both of my businesses, by simply putting myself in their shoes and seeing how I can help solve a problem. Although my days of competing are over, what I learned and developed as a player has helped me move into the next phase of my life.


What do you miss most about Guilford?

I definitely miss playing the sport I love around the people I love. I miss having deep bonds with my teammates and coaches. I miss the team trainers keeping me healthy. Weirdly, I miss the occasional turf burn I would get. I miss it all! Moving on from sports is a college athlete’s greatest challenge.


What are your future plans?

For my future plans, I am focused on growing both of my businesses to their full potential. I hope to travel abroad sometime within the next year or two to places I’ve always wanted to go to Bora Bora, South Africa, Thailand, Maldives, and Barcelona.


What is one thing a high school student-athlete considering college needs to know?

You are a student first, athlete second. Transitioning from high school to college, in general, is tough, but being a student-athlete makes it even harder. Guilford has a certain grade point average you must maintain in order to be eligible to play. Make sure you attend class, stay on top of your assignments, befriend your professors, and find a tutor if you don’t understand something. When the regular season begins, you may miss a lot of classes due to games or meets, and travel to different venues. This means you will have test, quizzes, and presentations to make up, so you’ll need to work with your professor to find the best alternative. Make sure you develop some strong time-management and discipline skills.


Identify and describe one or two of your favorite moments or experiences while at Guilford.

There are way too many memories on and off the field to choose from, but one that stands out to me is making the ODAC Tournament for the first time in school history my junior year (2015). Knowing that all the hard work my coaches, my teammates, and I put in over the past couple of years paid off was an awesome feeling.


-Cam Davis '16

December 20, 2018 CATCHING UP WITH CAM DAVIS '16